Employee Group Benefits and Insurance

Individual Benefits

Mountain View Benefits has brought in a dedicated Individual Benefits advisor, Crystal Taylor.

MVB-07 Grey BGCrystal has established contacts to find the best value when working with:

  • Executives/Partnerships

  • Employees / Plan Members

  • Plan members leaving employment

  • Sole Proprietors

  • Contractors



Executives / Partnerships

Crystal excels at working with business owners and executives.  It starts with a detailed needs analysis to review opportunities and it ends with peace of mind!

Crystal can dig through unanimous shareholder agreements and help produce corporately owned life and disability policies.

In addition to corporately owned policies, Crystal will work to ensure personal short term and long term needs are met.

Employees / Individuals

Life / Disability Insurance:

Crystal often joins the Employee Benefits team on annual lunch and learns with clients to help educate individuals on the available options to personally increase their life / disability options.

Employees are often very interested in the savings associated with replacing their personal mortgage life insurance policy through the bank.

Health and Dental:

There are many individuals throughout Alberta either without employee benefits or on an old outdated Health and Dental plan that needs to be reviewed.  Crystal will listen to your family needs and make some recommendations to consider.

Conversion Privileges

Many insurance carriers offer a great conversion privilege when you are coming off an employer sponsored group plan.

Some examples of these privileges are:

  • No medical on converting Life / Disability

  • No exclusions on pre existing drugs

  • Waiving dental waiting periods

  • Waiving waiting periods on government drug programs

This time sensitive call to action is often 30 days so call us today to see if you qualify for these advantages.


Contact Crystal today!